You took a break from your career to stay home with your children-Now its time to get back to work!

You paused your career to stay home with your kids. You made the necessary
sacrifice for your family because it was what was needed at that time.

Now your children are getting older and more independent. You are realizing
that you have lost yourself to the shuffle and it’s time to reclaim your
identity, independence, and go back to work! 

I’m on a mission to help women realize that just because you take a break to raise your children doesn’t mean you have to put your career goals on hold. In fact, while you are at home , you can be working on your re-entry plan in order to accelerate your career growth when you return to work. 

Returning to work after any length of break can seem scary, and you may be worried about that glaring GAP on your resume. You have no idea how to explain it;  you may have lost your knack for handling adult conversations ;and let’s not even talk about time management. When we introduce children into the fold, all of our priorities change and we must come up with new strategies in order to achieve our goals. As women, we make many sacrifices, but we do not sacrifice our goals. We persevere. We can truly have it all!

I had to step away from my career to raise my children, but you better believe I am re-entering it and coming like a freight train. As a mom, I already juggle it all!

Demetria Hazlett, MSLHRD, SHRM-SCP

Hi I'm Demetria!

I help mother's transition back into the corporate workspace after a break and accelerate their career growth and development.

My journey to build my life as a successful Human Resources Professional after staying home to raise 4 children is an example of a core value that I hold to be true: “I believe that we can do anything we put our minds to regardless of the obstacles in our paths. I continuously build the life I want to have and I know we can all do the same. “

For many years, I worked in an unrelated low paying field. After finding out I was pregnant with our 4th child, my husband and I decided it would be best for me to stay home to raise the children while he provided for the family. I spent many years in a routine of being COO for Hazlett Household, LLC.  My time became completely dedicated to driving the kids to and from activities, maintaining the home, and engaging with their schools.   It was my job to maintain all schedules, the budget, and have routine meetings with my husband to brief him on what and when tasks needed to be completed, and to what capacity he needed to be involved.  I was a boss at home before I was ever a boss in Corporate America!   Even with that being said, I thought that by me being a  housewife for so long, I would never be able to achieve my personal career goals. I lacked the mindset, motivation, and tools to move forward with my goals (Or so I thought). I desperately wanted to go back to work, but I had no idea how to do it. 

I extensively researched and determined my major goal. I then broke that big goal down into several mini goals that would be easily attainable to me. I fit college into my schedule. I began gaining transferrable skills that I could take with me into my dream position. I readjusted my mindset, and came up with a strategy to  be an amazing mother and wife, but still regain entry into the corporate workspace.