About Demetria Hazlett, MSLHRD, SHRM-CP

I’m a Certified Human Resources Professional and Career Strategist. I help moms regain their confidence, purpose, and individuality while building careers that align with their values, goals, and lifestyles. 

About Demetria Hazlett, MSLHRD, SHRM-SCP

I’m a Senior Certified Human Resources Professional and Career Strategist. I help moms regain their confidence, purpose, and individuality while building careers that align with their values, goals, and lifestyles. 

It doesn't have to be difficult going back to work after a break.

Do you feel your dream job is out of reach? Is it due to a lack of experience, education, or network? Are you tired of feeling like you are stuck in the same place and that your efforts aren’t materializing into to the success you want and deserve?

Then you’re not alone. Feeling unqualified , insecure, or stuck so often keeps women from transitioning into the careers they really want especially after a break. Sometimes it becomes necessary for us to take a break especially for the sake of our family, but that break doesn’t have to mean that you are abandoning your career goals and aspirations. 

As a career coach and mentor, I help women who have been outside the job market for a while that are having trouble re-entering their field or growing in their careers. I coach housewives, stay at home mothers, and women standing at a crossroad on overcoming career entry challenges. Together, we can make starting a new career less scary by breaking it down into manageable mini goals that fit our new lifestyles. Our goals are so much more attainable when we break them down into easily digestible pieces.

I was able to find a field I loved and accelerate my growth in my field.

After staying home several years to raise my children, I began to realize that there was something missing. I absolutely enjoyed my time with them. There is something so special and empowering about seeing all of your children’s first moments, being engaged in their social lives, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. However, I knew I was leaving all of my potential buried inside. Before I became Mommy, I had dreams of climbing the corporate ladder and earning a graduate degree. I had to drop out of school after the birth of my first child and over the years I made attempts to re-enter school each time with a different major because I lacked the focus and I was not intentional about my career or educational goals. I was doing an amazing job being the COO of the household, but I wanted to go and sit in a real corporate boardroom. I wanted to learn from the decision makers and get a taste of leadership in a different space. I wanted to put my knowledge skills, and abilities to the test…and moreover I wanted to contribute to the household. My children were getting older and much more independent and there was no better time than to invest in myself and crush my goals!!!!

And I crushhheedddddd themmm

2 years prior to my re-entry, I began putting together a strategic plan to become a Human Resources Professional. My target job was to be a HR Business Partner in ten years. I achieved that goal in half the time. I earned my Associates Degree in business Foundations and started my first job outside the house after my youngest child was old enough for pre-school. While working in that role, I gained more transferrable skills to combine with the ones I learned while I was still a stay at home mom. While in that role, I earned my Bachelors in Human Resources Management along with a Professional Undergraduate Certificate in Human Resources Management . I secured my first HR position a couple months after graduation and began my fast climb up the ladder. I grew 3 HR  positions within a 4 year timespan more than quadrupling my salary, making connections with people I never imagined would be in my corner, and enhancing my skillset with each role. I earned my Master’s Degree in Leadership and Human Resources Development and earned the Society of Human Resources Management Certified Professional credential which helped me to land my dream role in less than half the time. The skills I polished while staying home with my children aided in me going heights I never imagined. 

You need a coach that can meet you where you are.

I have been in your shoes. And just as important; I have been in the shoes of the people who will be hiring you. As a Human Resources Professional, I know what recruiters are looking for in a candidate. I know what employers want to hear during an interview and what it takes to be hired. And I know what it takes to survive in the corporate world.

Making Time to Do What Fulfills You

When we become Mom’s, we put everyone’s needs before our own. Making time to do what fulfills us whether it is a spa day, retail therapy, going to the gym, alone time in the bathroom just thinking, or even pursuing our careers is NOT selfish. It’s what we NEED. Although, I considered motherhood to be the mot important role in my life, I wanted to also show my children the importance of being intentional in what they wanted and how to achieve any goal they put their mind to. My personal growth was not only beneficial to me but it was also a gift for them.

I launched The Corporate Cheat Code to help Mom’s accelerate their career growth and development — especially when feeling stuck.  Inspired by my own transformation, I now use these tools to help other mom’s experience their own journey of growth from excelling at running the home to excelling in their careers. It is my sole purpose to help take your career from slow mode to mega growth mode helping you to remove the hurdles and excuses that may be preventing you from having the career you want and deserve. I can help you discover the career that best fits you, or if you are already working and  have a dream job in mind, I am dedicated to helping you shift to a growth mindset and  achieve your career goals.

My blueprint will teach you:

In short; I can help you build the network, confidence, personal brand, and mindset you need to land your dream job. — Even if you are starting completely from scratch.

Will it require hard work and short term sacrifices? Yes, most likely — but in the end it will be worth it. If you commit to profesional education and development, it is possible to changee the narrative and accelerate your career growth.

“Remember; just because you’ve taken a break from work doesn’t mean that you can’t have the career you always dreamed of. You can truly have it all.”

It's Time to Get Back to Work.
This is where you walk in your purpose and do something for YOU.

Are you ready to crack the cheatcode?